• Residential Closings
  • Commercial Closings
  • Buyer Closings
  • Seller Closings
  • Refinance Closings
  • Full Closings for Buyer and Seller
  • Title Searches
  • Title Insurance
  • FSBO Closings
  • Closings Involving Probate Issues
  • Closings Involving Divorce Issues
  • Closings Involving Clearing of
    Clouds on Title
  • Initial Correspondence with Your Clients after Receipt of the Contract
  • Estimated Seller Net Proceeds Sheet if Necessary
  • Consultation on Miscellaneous Issues
  • Proactive Correspondence as to Status of Closing

Our Service Promise

Noteworthy Title & Escrow, LLC offers the following to all real estate agents and lenders. Attorney Brian provides dependability and prompt responses to you and your client. Brian is an attorney who takes a hands‑on approach and comes with numerous years of experience.


Your reputation with your clients is important. You want to ensure that those you recommend or deal with are knowledgeable about all aspects of the real estate buying and selling process—from contract through closing.

Attorney Brian Payne strives to make you look great to your clients and be a part of your team of professionals.

Your buyers or sellers will receive the continued care and attention you’ve given them from the time you showed them their first property if buyers, listed their property if sellers, or the time of taking of application if a lender.

Attorney Hands‑on Approach

Noteworthy Title offers the following to all real estate agents and lenders providing dependability and promptness to you and your client. Attorney Brian takes a hands-on approach and comes with over 40 years of experience.

All closings are conducted by Attorney Brian Payne who exclusively handles all aspects of the file from the time the contract is received until the final title policy is prepared.


Attorney Brian Payne began conducting closings fresh out of law school over 30 years ago. He graduated from the Realtors® Institute decades ago and maintains a hands-on approach with your clients to show you in the best possible light.

His bachelor of science degree in psychology and completion of the ever-popular Dale Carnegie Course, How to Win Friends and Influence People, help him to put his clients at ease with the process and deal with all types of personalities.

He took advanced real estate courses in a law school such as future interests and real estate transactions and has extensive experience in solving closing problems dealing with probate, divorce, bankruptcy, liens, and many other issues.

He also has been a bank trust officer and financial advisor. As a connection to your creative clients, he is a musician, singer, and songwriter.

Prompt Response

Each contract and closing is handled exclusively by Attorney Brian, so at any given point, you can talk to him about the file.

Calls are usually answered on the first ring by Attorney Brian. Rarely, if ever, do you have to leave a voicemail. Emails are usually answered immediately or within a couple of hours at the most.

Let Us Assist You

Attorney Brian is hands-on in offering our variety of legal assistance. Get in touch with us for our services.